Sunday 8 January 2012

Holiday craft fun for the kids.

Children Finger Painting, photo from here
Had any me time this summer for some creative projects? We do hope so, but just in case you’re one of our friends who has a little one trotting around your ankles this summer, who although makes you smile, isn’t exactly offering you a whole lot of free time for all those craft projects you had planned, we thought we would step in and source a solution. Reward your little you by popping them in one of these Kids Holiday Programs, whilst you go off to adult holiday program. Brilliant, yes? To be honest, we think it’s a shame that these particular classes aren’t on offer for the adults of the world too. And might we ask where were programs like this when we were wee little rascals?

The lucky little youth of today have been offered one huge creative head-start with options to get their hands dirty in classes where you can cook, make a stop motion animation, draw with light, make jewellery or free the spirit with some creative dance or of course, the option we would opt for, all of the above. The program runs from 9 January – 17 January and is open to children between the ages of 3 and 14.

So, now there is no need to feel guilty by indulging in a little you-time to make those cushions, sew that summer frock or enrol in that pottery class you’ve been eyeing off all summer. The kids will love this craft fun time as much as you will. Don’t thank us, we’re just the messenger, Gasworks are the mastermind behind this gem of a Holiday Program.

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