Sunday 26 March 2006

Clayarch Gimhae Museum

The world’s first architectural ceramics museum has opened in the Southern Korean city of Gimhae. The museum offers galleries, shops, education and residency. In Korea, ceramics is emerging as an important material for environmentally-minded construction. The building has 4,400 ceramic tiles attached to aluminium frames. The artwork on the tiles was by the director, Shin Sang-ho. The ceiling is a glass done.
Gimhae, a city in South Gyeongsang Province, is most famous for the tourist site of the royal tomb of King Kim Su-ro, the legendary founder of the ancient Gaya Kingdom (42-199 A.D.). The city was also prominent in the Joseon Dynasty period (1392-1910) which provided a grayish-blue-powdered celadon for the royal palace.

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