Friday 17 March 2006


At the Greenaway Gallery, a group show call 'No Histories' profiled a number of overseas artists for the Adelaide Festival. One of these artists, the French Myriam Mechita, created with sculptures encrusted with sequins and pearls. The catalogue included the following quote:
"Activities, which may otherwise be associated with laziness, like embroidering or assembling pearls, carried out almost unconciously, take on a wholly different meaning in Mechita's works. Mainly because the desire to finish the work, to complete this meticulous -- and at times boring -- task is palpable, one clearly distinguishes the artist's commitment to time and effort. The work doesn't come forth naturally -- like a tree growing -- and every dot, every pixel is arduous proof and declared longing for this circumstance." Slow Light - Sandra Cattin
Interesting how craft labour is becoming fetishised in the contemporary art context. And strange that embroidery is considered to be 'associated with laziness'.

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