Thursday 22 June 2006

Japanese craft opening

The opening of Handcrafted Form: Traditions and Techniques of Japan was attended by a host of distinguished guests, including the diplomatic core, veterans of Japanese potteries and lovers of all things Japanese. In fact, all the nations of Group F were represented at the opening, just as those teams were facing a final show-down in Germany for the World Cup. We had the consuls of Japan, Croatia and Brazil (represented by Portugal). Freda Freiberg and Mr Shisei Kaku, Consul-General of Japan both identified the ink-stone as a key work in their opening speeches.

Mr Mastamura (Vice-consul), Mr Shinya Iwata (Director, Japan Information & Cultural Centre, Louise Ibraheim (Japanese expert), Kate Rhodes-san (Craft Victoria curator) and Ms Kumiko Toyama (Programme Coordinator).

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