Tuesday 22 August 2006

The craft and art of business

'Passion, vision help businesses thrive' is the title of a curious article that uses craft and art as models for business. The author describes 'craft' as the essential skills of managing a business, while 'art' is the 'passion' that takes it further.

... to build a great business, you need art as well as craft. No, you don't have to know how to paint a picture or mold a sculpture, but the best entrepreneurs and managers add passion, creativity and vision to their skill set.

It sounds like craft is what you get paid to do, while art is the overtime. As a result, craft is something taken for granted, while art is something that distinguishes you from the rest.

However, when everyone wants to become an artist, it is precisely the opposite that can occur. At that point, it is those who have honed their skills and have a nuanced understanding of their materials who are the exception. We are probably closer to that point today.

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