Monday 11 September 2006

Baby steps

So far, there seems to be a strong preference to recommend the Hands On exhibition for display.

Here's the first response:

If you can get their head around the idea of any work of a craft based nature, you may be able to push in other directions soon... baby steps

And Ruark Lewis writes:

I think the issue of the mechanical obsolete is significant both economically and socially. Perhaps that is one of the main reasons why some people take 'craft' so seriously. In practice, 'craft' is present everywhere. It appears in/as the value of objects and actions. The opportunity for a contemporary society is to find ways that appropriately define it's value/s in the things it does. I think there is a 'craft' in everything, as well as the mantra that everything is political. Within the pattern processes and procedures of all aspects of life and nature there is an order of results and that could be what we call 'craft'. Maybe the sentamentalists over specialise and attend to a particular lobby group or sector in the arts. Craft has to be able to be applied much further than the rendering of objects or vessels in space - all the way to the rendering of a political construction, to a philosophical equation or as a poetic synthesis. Without that sort of broader undertaking and the application of the idea of value and quality as 'craft', contemporary societies will remain ill-adjusted.

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