Thursday 12 October 2006

Second mentorship report - cooking cloth

The exciting progressions of this past fortnight have included grilling recycled material topped with various foods, and knotting scraps of fabric before dipping them in paint/pva glue. The former idea came out of a project I devised that uses materials found in the home to create new ideas for wearable items. This is a continuation of the theme Things Around the Home. I carried out the first of these days in my own home. Although this was inspiring and fun, I have decided this is a whole new project that I will have to put on hold for now.

Knotting scraps of waste material has come from my current obsession with knotting. I love the form that is created from the knot and so I have been lead to explore a way of preserving this form. I am currently working on dipping the knotted material in things such as paint and glue to solidify the form and maintain its wearability.

Next I plan to continue working with knots and to return to the painted paper and pin-tucking, which I first explored for the Flinders Quarter Award.

Ellie Mucke

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Little Snoring said...

Great Idea - I'd love to get a closer look, but they look wonderful from afar.