Sunday 17 December 2006

Gifts from far away in Adelaide

Oxfam's trading arm is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Pictured here are Linda Chalmers and Nele Schmidt-Teuteberg, both involved in maintaining supplies from nearly 180 artisans from around the world. Their catalogue provides a rich source of 'world craft'. It would be interesting to draw a link between their work and the many unique collaborations with artisans that today's craftspersons and designers are forging.

Meanwhile, at Craft South, Anne Robertson and Niki Vouis have developed a project in other words which involves collaboration between contemporary craft practitioners and makers from traditional backgrounds. The collaborations have not only produced interesting works in themselves, but also seem to promise ongoing exchanges. Their exhibition continues the going interest in craft as a language of cultural exchange, prominent in Common Goods, which started the year off in Melbourne.

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