Wednesday 31 January 2007

All coming into place

It's a particularly solid start to the year with two epic exhibitions of works in wood -- particularly appreciated with such a horrid start to the summer. The summer started with a red sun and dense smoke, let's hope it can end with re-growth.

DSCF0534.JPGHere's Andrew Wood, placing one of the components in his exhibition. The work uses the unpredictable movement of green timber to give expression to the wildness of our nature.


And Hamish Hill, unveiling one of the many containers of secrets in his exhibition, functional and artistic objects fabricated from elements of the Melbourne Town Hall organ.

DSCF0542.JPGLast, but certainly not least, the re-constructed Craft Victoria Retail Shop, which had a particularly good year of sales last year, providing an important outlet for our talented makers. The profit has been put back into extra shelving so that the work can be displayed to its best effect.

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