Tuesday 2 January 2007

From the sublime...

The new year seems to be a good time to step back and gauge the hard work ahead. Here are two 'craft' citations that show the continuing power of the word.

Australian critic Deborah Jones argues for a revival of the 'divine craft' of dance:

The refinement and order of classical dance exalts the body, honours history and tradition and aspires to the sublime. With its ability to convey multiple strands of meaning, contemporary dance thrills, challenges and stimulates.

Creative leap brings sublime craft back into step | Arts & Books | The Australian

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, US President G.W. Bush is seen to need more time to 'craft Iraq strategy':

"We've got more consultation to do until I talk to the country about the plan," Mr. Bush said, appearing outside an office building at his ranch. "Obviously, we'll continue to work with the Iraqi government. The key to success in Iraq is to have a government that's willing to deal with the elements there that are trying to prevent this young democracy from succeeding."

Bush: More Time Needed To Craft Iraq Strategy - December 29, 2006 - The New York Sun

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