Tuesday 13 February 2007

New Zealand glass course in difficulty

A rather desperate note from our New Zealand cousins about the grim fate awaiting a wonderful and important glass course:

Raewyn Roberts here, we have an urgent problem and need help from all interested parties. I am hoping you will be able to help me as a someone interested in glass.

I am presently working with a collective of glass artists in
Wanganui, New Zealand. Our local tertiary institution, UCOL Whanganui, made a shock announcement this week to close the glass program. It is the only tertiary glass program in New Zealand and its closure will have a
disastrous impact on New Zealand glass.

To send support and find out how you can help, email wanganuiglassgroup@gmail.com.

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synergynewzealand said...

Thanks to the support of the wider Global Glass Community & YOU the Wanganui Glass School was saved for the moment however we have to keep the number of enrolments up for sustainability. If you know anyone interested in training in Glass contact raewyn@wanganuiinc.com thank you again p.s we have a Festival of Glass facebook page if you want to become a friends of Glass