Monday 12 March 2007

Waulk on by urban tapestries at Westspace

Here's a scene from the show at Westspace by Peta Carlin, Urban Fabric: Greige. She has a schedule of artists who work in her space. On Saturday afternoon, this included Michelle Hamer, working on tapestries for her show coming up at Seventh Gallery, I Get Good Advice from the Advertising World.
Next Saturday at 1pm, the Scottish-Gaelic Choir of Victoria will be performing in Peta Carlin's exhibition. Here's some information:
Waulking, the fulling, shrinking or thickening of the cloth when taken
from the weaver’s loom and handed over for final processing, was a communal process performed in the Hebrides, exclusively by groups of women, who made it an event of social significance. ... The waulking song (Orain Luaidh) is recognised by its hard definite rhythm matching the physical rhythms of the work, and by the definite vocal punctuations, generally in the form of a chorus of syllables
Francis Thompson Harris Tweed: The Story of a Hebridean Industry

And just a note that in response to requests, the deadline for the final call for papers for INSIDE OUT: JMGA 2008 Conference has been extended to Friday 16 March 2007

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