Sunday 6 May 2007

Craft in America

There's a very nice looking preview of the new television series Craft in America.

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Anna Davern said...

Very "nice" looking it is indeed. The narrator asks at the beginning, "how has the legacy of craft been reimagined as a modern art form?" But it seems to me that the series will probably be a sepia toned version of American Craft. Is it to be shown on the Hallmark channel?

I do not dispute that tradition is a founding element of Craft but from the preview it appears that they will be looking at craft from a point of view of unquestioning sentimentalism. The only interviewee under the age of 45 was a small child talking about the responsibility of maintaining tradition.

I would like to think that the series would look at the works of Miwa Koizumi, Charles Krafft, Shawn Quinlan and many many other American artists who are questioning the what, how, why and where of craft, but I seriously doubt it will.