Friday 17 August 2007

From roots to flowers

DSCF1953 Last night Craft Victoria was teeming with those who enjoy beautiful things.
 DSCF1928 They were greeted with Leah Teschendorff's austere and elegant installation Florilegium, with intricate metal root systems branching into geometric forms.
DSCF1950  Then they emerged into Ronnie Lacham's stunning Between Spaces and Vases, which placed flowers directly in furniture rather than vessels.
DSCF1935 Around the corner and across the sea, Singular and Multiple: New Jewellery from Tasmania, displays the precious qualities of the island state.
DSCF1958 Opener Simon LeAmon is here with Ronnie Lacham and Michael Douglas -- an RMIT Industrial Design triumvirate.
DSCF1959 And with real flowers, here's Leah Teschendorff herself with CV curator Kate Rhode and jeweller Stephen Gallagher.

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