Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Loose threads project

Craft Victoria past board member and exhibitor, Roseanne Bartley, is seeking material for a new project, loose threads:

Loose threads are one of life’s little problems.

Left unattended our buttons fall off,
our seams unravel,
our pants fall down.

Loose threads symbolise all that is unfinished in the world - that which has come undone.

I want to do something about it and I need your help

Send me a loose thread, textile is best - it can be extracted or found

I will tie it up, along with others, crafting a collective solution to an old problem.

Feel free to send this request on to your family, a friend, an acquaintance, or friends of friends.

Contribute by sending your loose thread to

PO BOX 741, Newlands Estate LPO, Coburg, Victoria 3058 Australia
By May 29th 2008

Include an email contact address if you wish to be kept informed.

Roseanne most recently exhibited at Craft Victoria in 2007 as part of the touring exhibition curated by Kate Rhodes, Solutions for Better Living.

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