Monday 23 June 2008

Staff picks of the month

With all the goodies that have been pouring into COUNTER at the moment, it's hard not to get excited everytime a maker brings in one of their precious delights. So we've decided that it's about time we posted about what's been emptying our wallets

Here's Lauren with Tim Fleming's 'two-faced' skull. It's pink on one side, and mirrored on the other! Perfect for those impromptu moments of vanity...

Kevin and a very beautiful Shannon Garson bowl.

Nella and her super-fine Precious Porcelain necklace. Anyone after Nella's heart should purchase said necklace immediately...

Lucy and her new Zaishu stool which is sitting pretty in her new place as we speak

Kim's Dani M porcelain jewel necklace is fitting in nicely with the rest of the chain gang!

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