Thursday 24 July 2008

Everything is Every-Think

"Jewellery from recycled materials can be so much more than old spoons bashed into bangles... not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, bricoloage, that is the use of existing objects in a new and creative way, has been the key strategy for jewellery making since Adam and Eve put on their fig leaves. For the clever bricoleur revealing the beauty in an otherwise ordinary object or material is a truly delightful game. Just say to yourself: anything might be something else - Everything is Every-Think." - David Neale

Last Saturday, in conjunction with the State of Design Festival, jeweller extraordinaire David Neale held his workshop Everything is Every-Think right here at CVHQ. An intimate workshop attended by a party of 12, the participants first embarked on a treasure hunt around the CBD to look for inspiration and discover hidden gems to craft their jewellery with. Ranging from earrings, to rings, and even brooches, all items were made from pre-loved, done-over and re-claimed materials, all done whilst exploring the improvisational making process.

After 5 hours and some tea and coffee, the finished works are definitely a collective marvel. Some of the materials used include glass chips, a part of a milk crate, fruit packing plastic, miniature railway tracks, an asprin card, a cigarette lighter spring, ribbon and even bits of an old wooden fan!

A big thank you and congratulations to our participants Denise Brunner, Jessica Flamank, Milly Flemming, Adele Gonsal, Gemma Johnson, Bronia Koperszmidt, Lucinda Knight, Felicity Large, Adrienne Lourie and Ubaldino Mantelli for lending us your work to display. Their works are on display in the gallery until Friday tomorrow, but in case you've missed it here are some images to satisfy.

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