Wednesday, 13 August 2008

August treats (part 1)

The last couple of weeks have been big here at CVHQ, and it's not just because of A Month About Making! Our retail space COUNTER has been receiving a steady stream of new work and it's about time we gave you a heads up on what to expect in store the next time you drop by for a visit.

First up: new linoleum brooches from Liz Jones of Betty Jo Designs. Using recycled linoleum (the kind you find on 1950s kitchen floors - sans food of course...) and vintage buttons, Liz lovingly creates each brooch. No two are alike!

We've also got new designs from Liana Kabel. Old knitting needles are rejuvenated into colourful bangles and rings. They come in a wide range of colours so don't forget to ask to see the rest.

In addition to their brooches that were featured in the August edition of the Craft Almanac, newcomers Mainichi have delighted us once again with their neckpieces that come in four colour schemes. A green dream, Mainichi uses unexpected and everyday materials like plastic, recycled leather offcuts, hemp and linen thread, recycled timbers, polypropylene sheet and bamboo.

Some of you may have seen Dylan Martorell's fantastic exhibition Umbel Ballits not too long ago. Dylan has released several new collaborations with the equally fantastic Sunday Morning Designs and we're proud to stock notebooks as well as bookplates that feature Dylan's signature style.

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