Friday, 22 August 2008

Karla Way: terra incognita

“The pieces are fictitious archaeological finds from a place and time unknown; elements of the landscape have transformed into wearable objects and vessels or existing ones have been corrupted and manipulated by the said mysterious place. The ambiguity of the materials, begs question of their origins and age.”

- Karla Way

Karla Way is a Melbourne-based jeweller and Fresh! 2007 exhibitor who is currently completing her Honours year in the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) Gold & Silversmithing at RMIT University.

terra incognita is a site-specific installation at the City Library Niches, 253 Flinders Lane, and will be on display until Sunday 31 August 2008. Karla's exhibition is presented in conjunction with A Month About Making, and while you're exploring in the city don't forget to check out our other satellite exhibition, Erik North's Making Plans, which is located at Pushka's twentybythirty space, the smallest gallery this side of the Yarra!

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