Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Open Studios - Nicholas Building

Coming up on Thursday and Friday (28-29 August) from 5 to 9pm, various studios located in the Nicholas Building will open their doors to the public in what will be a unique opportunity to visit these spaces. You will also be able to purchase original art, jewellery, fashion and bags. Ahh retail therapy... the perfect remedy for some end-of-week unwinding or to get you ready for the weekend!

Organised by Vikki Kassioras (contemporary jeweller, Floor 7 Studio 10) and Matt Thomson (of Mattt bags, Floor 4 Studio 17), Open Studios is part of A Month About Making's program of events. To contact, email or call 9650 2590. There are quite a few makers tucked away in the Nicholas Building studios who are part of the CVHQ flock, for example Amina McPhee, Tim Fleming, Chris Stewart, Nadine Treister, Jasmina Krupic, Emma Grace and Matt Thomson... to name a few.

Yours truly does realise that the image above is probably too small to be read, so here is a more legible list of the studios you can visit and makers you can say hello to:

Studio 3 Julie Parker, Jeweller and Elvira McSwain, Artist Books & Graphic Design
Studio 6 Norman Fell, Gold & Silversmith
Studio 7 Katzinka Tschierschky, Jeweller
Studio 17 Lisa Engelhardt, Design ‘orchis morio', Amina Mcphee, Jewellery Designer and Rhiannon Smith, Jewellery Designer

Studio 2 Clare Whitney, Painting & Printmaking
Studio 4 Jason Patterson, Jeweller
Studio 16 Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Contemporary Art

Studio 10 Vikki Kassioras, Contemporary Jeweller
Studio 16 Tim Fleming, FLATLAND OK
Studio 21 Chris Stewart, DENIS DENIS bags

Studio 2 Serena Lindeman, Milliner
Studio 6 Matt Vellacott, Jewellery
Studio 8 Sabine Kurz, Felt Maker- cushions, baby blankets, scarves
Studio 10 Carolyn Fraser, Idlewild Press
Studio 20 Kane Greenhatch, Jeweller

Studio 9 Tiffany Pollard, Jeweller
Studio 8 Fiona Griffiths, Jeweller and Peter O' Connor Leather Satchels

Studio 11 Nadine Treister, Designer, Jasmina Krupic, Jewellery, Emma Grace, Wearable Art, Tai Snaith, Illustrator & Artist and Jo Duck, Photographer
Studio 17 Matt Thomson, ‘mattt' Handmade Bags

Studio 9 Dan McGill, Jeweller
Studio 7 Brendon Dwyer, Shoe Maker

Pigment GALLERY, Early career artists & Buttonmania Crazy Patchwork
Studio 7 Kimono House Japanese Textiles

To enter the building, there is lift access from the Cathedral Arcade corner of Swanston Street and Flinders Lane. There are also stairs, but we recommend taking the lifts for a ride! (Depends which lift you ride of course...)

Coming up on 7 September: a chance to visit Gasworks Art Park's Ceramics Studio. From 1-4pm. Gasworks is located at 21 Graham St, Albert Park. Write in your diary!

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