Monday 3 November 2008

Opening night

Last Thursday night CVHQ played host/ess with the mostest to several hundred (thousand? Sure felt like it...) visitors and merrymakers to the opening night celebrating works by Julia deVille, Making Sense, a group show featuring Cherelyn Brearley, Lauren Brown, ffixxed, Ed Janssen and Emma White and of course Tamara Marwood.

In a rare occurrence, there was beer provided at the beginning which promptly ran out at about 6.18pm. The bubbly and white wine ran out soon after, which we have discovered is a good way of letting our merrymakers know that it's time to go. Hehe!

That being said, it was lovely to see everyone happy and mingling. What was even better was that no glasses were broken! Amazing! Some glasses did go missing, but that's okay. (PS. to the culprits, if you leave them anonymously outside CVHQ we'll forgive you and karma will be restored...)

It was a great success, but if you weren't able to make it, never fear for there's always a next time. Here are some images from the night, enjoy!

Nella and Julia deVille fielding questions during the floor talk.

Emma White. Yes the blond lady on the right is wearing a pair of horns. It was Halloween eve afterall.

Yours truly is most apologetic about the quality of this image, a flash wasn't used!

The charismatic Justin Boehme.

Gemma Jones who is absolutely lovely!

Vera Moller waving her 5 pages of speech notes around.

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