Friday, 13 March 2009

Introducing... Dani M

CLOG is very excited to present to you an interview with one of Melbourne's most exciting jewellers - Dani M! Queen of deliciously pastel-coloured geometric pendants and earrings, Dani M is as sweet as the jewellery she designs. In addition to her jewellery line, Dani crafts sweet little porcelain vessels, also from Southern Ice - a type of porcelain that produces a translucent finish that is smooth to the touch.

Don't forget to check out Dani's website and blog too! Dani is currently working on some new silver jewellery. Revisiting work from her previous exhibition, The Tea Party, Dani has served up some frilly silver shapes that are sitting prettily in COUNTER at the moment. Well not for long more to be honest!

About Dani M…
I just finished uni, was at a total loss and my partner suggested, since I liked porcelain, why don’t I try and use my design skills and make homewares. I did for a while- then I started some basic jewellery pieces and had lots of fun with it.

It’s been a great 6 and a half years. It’s also been along time and I’m finding myself ask more and more if I’m ever going to make it! I have been working casually the whole time, and now that I’ve been forced to quit due to an injury, I can’t ignore the issue of can and will I do this full time. It’s a lot of pressure and I can’t perform under pressure – I get stage fright!

But, there have been many encouraging words to keep me going. From my forever supportive husband, great studio mates that help with problem solving and buying my work, to strangers I meet that know or wear my work. Having people believe in you helps so much. Although my parents are a bit bummed I’m not a successful lawyer, they have been ace. My dad even built me a shed in the backyard!

The most exciting thing for me so far…
I still think the Vogue editorial years ago was the best thing that’s happened to me. Also having Michelle Jank (fashion designer, jeweller and stylist) use my pieces in Harpers Bazaar was amazing too.

My favourite design of all time…
I still love the gloss heart necklaces – they look so delicious shiny…and they are easy to wear.

In your website bio you write that each collection is a reflection of you. What are you currently working on at the moment and how does it relate to you?
I design/make things I want to wear – that’s always been the way I work. I can’t create something that I have no relationship to. Right now I’m not working on anything new – and that’s a reflection of where I am right now – lost! The last thing I created was the leaf earrings. I had been working on ‘diamonds’ collection and was getting bored. I really wanted to make something completely from scratch – they took ages and don’t know if I’ll make another pair again. Maybe.

Some of my favourite Melbourne spots…
Elizabeth St Espresso every morning for the smoothest latte and a chat with Pete and Jess; Heidi on a sunny day; Hot Poppy on Errol St for breakfast; Ian Potter, NGV, Craft Victoria (of course) and Lamington Drive.

10 years I ago I was…
Finishing 1st year uni at Swinburne, not a care in the world, falling in love. Why they let me into Industrial Design I will never know!

…and in 10 years’ time,
I hope I’m still making jewellery…I will be making something. Maybe we will have a shop selling our wares. Steve (my husband) should be making shoes by then. We can’t even honeymoon without getting the urge to be crafty!

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