Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hot off the press

A whole bunch of new magazines have just arrived at COUNTER, and what better way to share the love than to do a CLOG post on it!

On the left is Issue 75 of Ceramics: Art and Perception. Featuring a cover image by Marian Heyerdahl (of a work entitled Head Hunter), this issue of Ceramics contains a plethora of articles focusing on artists such as Ole Lisleurud, cover artist Marian Heyerdahl, Hiromu Okuda and Simon Carroll.

Next to it is The Journal of Australian Ceramics, a quarterly local publication that has a very exciting article on Deborah Halpern (whose colourful work Angel can now be found on Birrarung Marr) written by Megan MacAvoy, who curated an exhibition of Deborah's work at the Manningham Gallery in November last year.

Moving on to Art World, which is perhaps yours truly's favourite magazine, this latest issue contains features on prominent artists like Andreas Gursky, Moya McKenna, Rosemary Laing and cover artist Darren Sylvester. A great read indeed!

Last but not least is the ultra fresh copy of Kateigaho (international edition). A Japanese magazine, Kateigaho volume 23 focuses on Spring cheer and its presence in Japanese cuisine, decor and crafts.

Now for a cup of tea, a comfy pillow and you're all set!

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