Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Craft Hatch in May

A couple of weekends ago, the May edition of Craft Hatch experienced our heaviest foot traffic ever! It was all very exciting to see the Gallery space filled with both browsing and buying shoppers and the number of satisfied faces stands testament to the growing success of Craft Hatch .

A big thank you to all who came, it was lovely to hear that most of you had heard about Craft Hatch through the grapevine, proving the reputation of Craft Hatch as a market for showcasing the best and freshest emerging talent is definitely growing!

For May, we welcomed a fresh crop of new artists like Chloe Vallance, Maureen Kiernan, Anita Cummins, Sandy Bennett, Elspeth Kiddell, Amy Borrell, Charisse Black, Amy Blue and Sue Manski. Of course, we made sure to include a few old favourites such as Verity Copland, Naoko Inuzuka, Lisa Engelhardt, Jules Musgrove and of course, Deirdre Hoban & Jasmine Targett.

For all those who were unble to make it to themarket, here is are some photographs to rub in what you missed out on:

Jules Musgrove of Poppet and her colourful toys and accessories

DIY baby bootie kits and dolls by Maureen Kiernan

Pretty illustrations on wood and paper by Chloe Vallance

Pastel coloured ceramic jewellery by Deirdre Hoban and futuristic dichroic glass jewellery by Jasmine Targett

Screenprinted textiles by Lisa Engelhardt of Orchis Morio - featuring a new design in black!

Fine silver jewellery by Naoko Inuzuka

Hand and machine knitted scarves and colourful pom poms by Anita Cummins

Felt feather necklaces in the sweetest colour combinations by Amy Borrell

Jewellery from Charisse Black's unisex label Does Not Equal

Amy Blue: one-stop shop for beautiful jewellery, cards and stationery!

Hand embroidered hot water bottle covers by Sandy Bennett - now available instore at COUNTER

Lovely beaded jewellery by Elspeth Kiddell

Reworked secondhand garments as well as original designs by Verity Copland

Leather accessories, safety belts and stationery by Sue Manski of Nancygirl

The next market will be on Saturday 13 June at the same place, same time (11am to 4pm at the City Library gallery on level 1). With more new work to look forward to, you'll be kicking yourself if you miss out!

By the way, don't fret if you saw something at the market and for some reason or other, didn't get it. Just give market organiser Kim Brockett a call on 9650 7775 or email her and she'll help you realise your material dreams!

Even if it's just to let a particular maker know how much you liked their work, please do get in touch. It's always nice to get good feedback, especially when you're starting out.

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