Friday, 12 June 2009

Introducing... Linda Hughes

Initially, you pursued a career in sculpture before changing direction to jewellery. What brought about this change, and how do you think it has changed your perspective when making jewellery?
I still make sculptural forms using lost wax casting in jewellery scale. I find scale interesting but find smaller scale more ‘manageable’.

Colour plays a very important part in your jewellery and it is often bold and bright. Would you consider this a signature style or do see yourself moving towards a different palette in the future?
The palette relates directly to street signage but I do feel free to incorporate other colours and don't feel inhibited by it.

What ignited your interest in signs? Was it marked by a particular experience or moment?
Some of the urban landscape in Australia seems particularly contrived, like a theatre set. A mixture of international influences all mixed up, often without connecting to the environment. My attention is drawn to signs as ‘street furniture’ if you like, ‘props’.

How do you overcome creative obstacles?
Observe, visit galleries – look at art, read and research, get to the bench.

You must have seen so many street signs while doing research… do you have a favourite street sign?
Battered white posts are my favourite.

Where were you ten years ago?
On the verge of discovery.

…and in ten years’ time where do you hope to be?
Still reaching for potential.

And finally, one thing you can’t live without?
There is nothing I can't live without :)

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