Thursday, 4 June 2009

Water Pouring Ceremony: 'before'

On Tuesday evening a very special event was held - the water pouring ceremony that marked the second stage of Liz Low's current exhibition in Gallery 3, Cycle.
As many of you are already aware of, throughout May Liz has been dilligently coming in to work on recreating the exhibited works Sea Pinnacle, Colony and Cellular Form. We did a rough count of the approximate number of hours Liz has spent on her wheel and the number comes up to an astounding 76! Perhaps what we should have also counted was the number of coffees consumed...

Here are the finished reproductions sitting in their (dry) tanks:

There was a great turnout and it was lovely to see Liz's family, friends and fans come together and show their support at this very special event!

For the first pour, Liz invited guest speaker (and former CV curator!) Kate Rhodes, who is currently editor at Artichoke magazine.

Our curator Nella Themelios was invited to assist in pouring water into the second tank...

And to end things on a sweet note, the final pour was reserved for Liz's husband Nick.

After all that pouring and celebrating, we're sure you can't wait to see how the works have fared in water. Here's a tantalising teaser photo...

Stay tuned for an update on the aftermath!

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Cynthia G said...

Beautiful work, and very delightful to catch a glimpse of the artist working and talking about it. Congratulations!