Wednesday, 26 August 2009

PAN Gallery award show

Coming up later this year, PAN Gallery will be holding their inaugural award show, to be organised in association with Craft Victoria and Northcote Pottery Supplies. The theme of this year's competition is 'Bottled' and as the title suggests, the exhibition is centred around the shape of a bottle.

Ceramic art requires patience, considered decisions and attention to detail. This emphasis on technique raises an important question: Is ceramic art capable of embodying sentiment? BOTTLED seeks to explore the ability of the ceramic object, in this case in the form of the bottle, to express emotion.

The bottle is a practical object: its primary purpose is to function as a vessel that contains the tangible. What happens then, when this tangibility is replaced with the impalpable – such as emotion? Is the bottle able to contain the fleeting intensity of anger, the all-encompassing feeling of euphoria or the continuous simmering of long term grief? Can a ceramic artist bottle emotion?

This upcoming exhibition will be co-curated by CVHQ ladies Anita Cummins and Kim Brockett (hurrah!), and it's a very exciting curatorial debut for the both of us. Entries for the exhibition must be new work and not previously exhibited, and the deadline for entries is FRIDAY 18 SEPTEMBER.

To sweeten the deal (as if you needed more incentive!) the most outstanding ceramic work will receive a $1500 prize.

For more information including entry details and the registration form, click here.

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