Monday 7 September 2009

I'll Show You My Craft If You Show Me Yours (John Hall and Ellie Mucke)

In part two of collaborative exhibition I'll Show You Me Craft If You Show Me Yours, we have metalsmith John Hall and textile artist Ellie Mucke exploring the idea of the kitchen as a site of creation and creativity. Turning nooks and crannies upside down, John and Ellie have sifted through the detritus of the kitchen to turn out some beautiful works.

Bits of chipboard and chopsticks find new life as they are transformed into bangles and necklaces, while tablecloths are pulled apart and remade into draped garments for the body. It's all come together very beautifully and John and Ellie have transformed the space in Gallery 3 into a cosy kitchen.

The artists will be in the space on Thursdays so do drop by for a chat and maybe a cup of tea.

John and Ellie's exhibition will be on until the end of Craft Cubed - 12 September. More pictures to follow soon!

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