Wednesday 9 December 2009

Christmas gift guide: the gift that keeps on giving

Hey there, have you checked out our handy gift guide that'll fulfil all your gift-giving needs?

With our catalogue starting at $7, you'd think we were Arthur Daley's or something... but in all seriousness, it's a fantastic guide compiled by our wonderful COUNTER staff that has been thoughtfully divided by price range to suit every need and want.

With prices starting under $35 and going up to $200 and over, you're bound to find a special gift for mum, dad, your sibling, maybe the dog too and perhaps even that Kris Kringle present for the co-worker you sort of wished you hadn't picked out from the draw because are they really going to appreciate whatever you give them?

But we digress... click here to solve all your Christmas gift giving conundrums!

PS, Christmas is only 16 days away... just pointing it out. We don't want to pressure you or anything.

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