Wednesday 3 February 2010

New enCOUNTER display: Gregory Bonasera, Repsychled

Freshly installed in enCOUNTER just this week is Gregory Bonasera's Repsychled, a collection of white bone china plates imprinted with decals featuring illustrations of 18th century furnishing drawn by Gregory himself. Stunning!

Repsychled is on until 28 February and enCOUNTER is available for viewing all day everyday.

These plates were originally produced by landmark Japanese ceramics company Noritake as part of the Qantas First Class range. When Marc Newson redesigned Qantas in 2007, these fine bone china plates were discarded. Bonasera has taken these ‘redundant’ blank canvases and adorned them with stunning furnishing illustrations from the 18th century; completing their journey from dutiful, through discarded and back to desired.

The plates are available in three sizes and range from $27.50 to $66.

We'll have images of the installation up on CLOG soon. This darn daylight savings business makes it difficult to get images due to the intense reflections on the glass!

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