Tuesday 29 June 2010

COUNTER feature!

COUNTER was reviewed in The Age's M Magazine pullout on Sunday - and what a glowing review it was! We especially like the part about the 'sweet, craft-loving staff' and of course, the nice shout out to CLOG. Hooray!!

At the moment, you'll find Aly Peel and Body Parts occupying enCOUNTER (but only until this Saturday before it all comes down!). Make your way downstairs and you'll find the usual suspects, including a select range of cute handmade Tasmanian oak knitting needles topped with colourful spotty round tops by Art Viva. It's one of our latest additions to the shop and is our small foray into the realm of craft supplies.

Thank you to Jayne for visiting us and we hope you'll visit us soon too!

PS. Click the image to enlarge

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