Thursday, 1 July 2010

SUPER MARKET, this Sat at Gertrude from 11am-4pm

Craft Victoria's Kim Brockett has put together a one-off event called SUPER MARKET that's happening this Saturday, and we want you to make your way there!

Gathering 20 artists, collectives and collaborations, SUPER MARKET features a few familiar names to Craft Victoria like Adam Cruickshank and Dell Stewart (who both had exhibitions at CV this year) and Kay Abude (who was in Fresh! 2007 with an installation titled, funnily enough, Supermarket).

It also features a whole bunch of other fantastic people like Damp, Greatest Hits, Hotham Street Ladies, Moop Jaw (Antuong Nguyen & Warran Wright - who will be showing work in a Craft Vic/Craft Cubed satellite exhibition in Aug!), The Telepathy Project plus many, many more names!

Don't worry if you're low on funds, SUPER MARKET is an exchange/barter based event so leave your wallets at home and bring your best haggling skills!

Current bargains include: sharehouse conflict resolution advice, three minutes of telepathic sex, 2min shadow cuttings, tattoos, a 5 year photograph-exchange contract, cookies for conversation, Ralph Lauren and heaps more.

For a full list of propositions and artist information, check out the blog:

See you there!!

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