Thursday 28 October 2010

Good shows galore!

Grad show season is upon us and prime ourselves, here are three fantastic exhibitions that are whetting our appetites.

First up we'll be attending the Crafticise exhibition opening. Crafticise (full title Crafticise: make something that means something) is the title of an RMIT Industrial Design Elective that explores conceptual and experimental design through craft and handmaking techniques. Yay for craft and design, together forever!

Crafticise is led by Ben Landau and Brittany Veitch, both of whom are some of Craft Vic's favourite people. You may remember their collaborative exhibition Bio-Accessories at the City Library last year (shown as part of Craft Cubed), and Brittany was one of Craft Hatch's first guinea pigs! Ahem we mean Hatchlings.

Anyhow, back to Crafticise... to round off the semester there will be one-night+weekend only exhibition at RMIT and it is happening TONIGHT!

Here are the details:

Time: 5-7pm
Where: Level 5, RMIT Building 88, 440 Elizabeth Street

There are plenty of gems including Georgia Hutchinson's Mutual Growth (pictured below) which explores the relationship between object and owner, as well as Michelle Vanspall's Tradie Cushion (pictured above) that gives tradies the comfort they deserve.

So go on, have a crack!

Currently on is Lisa Engelhardt's FORME - Building upon her long-standing interest in botanical themes and printing, Lisa is another Craft Hatch pal and we're excited to see more work from this lovely lady!

FORME is currently on at C3 at Abbotsford Convent till 14 November.

And finally currently on is Got a nice ring to it, the RMIT 1st and 2nd year gold & silversmithing exhibition at First Site.

We went to the opening on Tuesday and there was some pretty great stuff there! This exhibition is on until 6 November (next week).

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