Tuesday 1 February 2011

February members promotion: Peppermint Magazine!

Peppermint issue 7

Peppermint is one of Australia's newest and cutest magazines that dishes out bimonthly doses of fashion, natural beauty, culture and social issues while maintaining a strong eco-friendly and ethical focus. In fact, they are so thoroughly green through and through right down to the how they print the magazine, approach advertisers and carry out their everyday office activities.

With 8 issues under their belt (the next issue is due in early March!), we're super delighted to be partnering with Peppermint for our February members promotion. This month, join Craft Victoria as a member to be in the running for a one-year subscription to Peppermint absolutely free! Yay for free things!!

Before we go on, we had the pleasure of speaking with (or rather, emailing) Tess Curran, Peppermint's Assistant Editor about the magazine.

'Style Statemint' - a regular feature on regular folk with better-than-regular wardrobes

How long have you been working on Peppermint?
Around two years. I have been onboard since Issue 2 (the first newsagent issue of the magazine), in various capacities - as a writer, sub-editor, and now, Assistant Editor.

The magazine in based in Brisbane, do you cover content from all over Australia?
Yes. We are based in Brisbane but are distributed nationally and consider ourself a national fashion & lifestyle magazine. Our readers come from far and wide across the country (and the world!), so we try to make sure we always cater to this diversity by focussing on events, designers and issues/attractions from as many locations as we can.

Beauty feature

Feature on Coco Loco in Northcote - the world's first certified organic and fair trade chocolate bar

You seem to have a real focus on sustainability, how is this important to the magazine?
Peppermint is Australia's first and only green fashion magazine. This was Kelley's (Peppermint's founder/editor) focus from the outset, as she wanted to show that being sustainable didn't mean you had to compromise on style, or ethics, or creativity... We encourage compassionate fashion, individual personal style, creativity and artistic expression, social and environmental awareness, and the promotion of real women as role models (rarely seen in today's media industry).

Sustainability is not just what we cover, but also what we are about as a business: we carry our green values right down to how we print our magazine, who we approach for advertising, and how we conduct ourselves in the office and in life!

What kind of craft practice inspires you?
I love all craft! I am continuously inspired and starting new craft or sewing projects myself in my (limited) free time. I really love collage and DIY stationery, sculpture work using upcycled objects, all matter of softies, patchworked cushions, repurposed ceramics... The list goes on.

Craft and sewing is a huge part of sustainability as you can always use what you have to create something new - it's a wonderful process! I actually wrote a large feature on Australian crafters in Peppermint Issue 3 (called 'Made With Love: The World of DIY' - pictured below), and met a lot of lovely women doing amazingly creative things - very inspiring!

'Their future in the palm of your hand' - environmental feature on the adverse effects of palm oil

And finally, what are some of your favourite blogs?
The Design Files, CRAFT, Style Bubble, Style Will Save Us, Loveology, treehugger, kit+nancy, Meet Me at Mikes, heart handmade, Dude Craft, Advanced Style, hello sandwich, about 1000 tumblr pages, and, of course, Peppermint Mag blog!

Peppermint issue 8 - now available in newsagents across town!

To qualify for one of four free one-year subscription to Peppermint, make sure you sign up as a member before 5pm, Fri 4 February. To join, click here!

All images courtesy of Peppermint Magazine

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