Thursday 21 April 2011

Profile: Primoeza


The honour of April's 'COUNTER Product of the Month' belongs to none other than Primoeza's Woodgrain Scarf - a delicately constructed merino wool scarf with panels of alternating tension that create a wonderful variegated effect. It's the perfect transitional accessory for chilly Autumn days and it comes in two very eye-pleasing colours: charcoal and ochre.


Other products in this Melbourne-based textiles label include the Flagstone scarf in oxen ($149, pictured above), summery Egyptian cotton scarves in a gelato worthy palette of blue, pink, yellow ($129), linen/wool ruffle scarves ($249) , wool/cotton square snap scarves ($169) as well as a super cosy ceramic wrap in a blend of yarns like wool and cashmere ($229). The best thing is that all of these products are currently available in-store!

Clockwise from top left: ruffle scarf, flagstone scarf, square snap scarf, ceramic wrap. Click the image to enlarge!

To coincide with this feature, this week we're delighted to bring you a mini-peek into the seaside studio and workspace of Elizabeth Rayman Yong, the nimble hands behind Primoeza. Based at home (a stunning1930s apartment), Elizabeth works with the company of her two cats, Primo a red Burmese and Ezra a black Devon Rex (by the way, Ezra means 'helper' in Hebrew).



Knitting machines - where a lot of the work is done.

Primoeza was launched in 2009 with an Autumn/Winter collection and since then Elizabeth has gone on to stock in range of boutiques both locally and internationally.


Ahh beautiful yarn! So envious. And beautiful yarn basket too!!

Recently, and very excitingly, Elizabeth has launched a capsule range of cardigans and sweaters that are available exclusively through her online shop. Each sweater is knitted fully fashioned on a knitting machine (meaning that each part of garment is knitted pre-shaped as opposed to knitting a length of fabric and cutting it, but read a more lucid explanation here) from Australian alpaca yarn.



Pocket sweater in midnight blue ($235)


small shapes cardigan in oatmeal ($285)

In addition to the lovely and very covetable garments and accessories that Elizabeth knits, she also has one of the most aesthetically-pleasing blogs in Melbourne! Seriously, you have to check it out. It's on our list of daily must reads. Click here to visit it.

On a similar note, something we can all keep an eye out on is Olga Bennett's forthcoming book Environments with text and interviews by Sarah Caldwell. It's a collection that captures the energy and personality of 11 creative spaces including Elizabeth's (snapshot pictured above). Olga also recently worked with graphic designer Luci Everett to realise Elizabeth's latest SS11 catalogue, which you can view here. We're looking forward to seeing this lovely publication!

Elizabeth, pictured wearing a very lovely linen blouse which she sewed herself! Amazing! Is there anything you can't do!?!

Finally, long time readers of CLOG may remember this interview we did with Elizabeth almost a year ago to the date when she first started stocking at Craft Victoria. You'll find more images of her studio, a handsome photo of Primo & Ezra, as well as some knitting experiments (whatever happened to the cheeky two-piece Elizabeth? :)

Anyway, click here to revisit it!

Happy Easter everyone, we'll be back on Wednesday!

All images courtesy of Elizabeth Yong

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