Wednesday 10 August 2011

Newfangled Fashion

Runway photos from last Thursday evening's performance at our in-house 'magical tent' by Adele Varcoe:

"Men and women dressed in t- shirts, pants, shirts and jackets came storming down the catwalk. Celebrity models such as Brendan Oh and Simone were all there flaunting this seasons latest concept in dress- something they’re calling clothes."
- Kirstie Clements

Runway Model: Miyuki
Wearing: Rockstar black jeans and t-shirt
Photo: Andrew Hewett
Runway Model: Jacelyn
Photo: Andrew Hewett
Runway Model: Brendan Oh
Wearing: Pants- Yoji Yamamoto, Shirt- Chanel, Sandles- Dior, Socks- MMM
Photo: Andrew Hewett

Runway Model: Matthew
Wearing: New adidas football hi- vis, aero- dynamic shoes. Orange hi- vis construction worker jeans, yellow 4xXL jumper
Photo: Andrew Hewett

Runway Model: Ricarda
Wearing: Shirt/ Dress
Photo: Andrew Hewett
What's all this about then? Visit to find out more!

Drop by Craft Victoria to view the material exhibition (which Adele's work is part of) and to view video footage from the opening night performance.

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