Wednesday 17 August 2011

Seeding the Cloud with Roseanne Bartley

 material exhibitor Roseanne Bartley is currently running a workshop called Seeing the Cloud. The first session happened on Saturday, and the following is taken from Roseanne's blog:

I recently presented Seeding The Cloud at Craft Victoria (as part of their Craft Cubed exhibition material) and extended an invitation for the public to participate in learning the process. We went out for a walk and ended up finding an incredible resource of plastic fragments in Treasury Gardens. It came as quite a surprise as the park appearsto be well maintained, however in amongst the mulch we found heaps. It would appear that plastic is mixed in with the material that is put through the mulcher, such a pity, a bit of preliminary sorting could prevent this form of pollution from happening.
Anyhow, we managed to have a lovely timewalking, collecting, sorting and drilling in the park and moved on to a cafe to thread the fragments together while having coffee and cake.

This workshop forms part of Roseanne's larger project Seeding the Cloud: A Walking Work in Process, please visit Roseanne's blog.

Seeding the Cloud is a two-hour experience around  the streets and parklands of Melbourne CBD led by artist jeweller Roseanne Bartley. Over the course of the session, Roseanne will share the 'how to' behind her roving work Seeding the Cloud: A Walking Work in Process. It's an opportunity to take part in a jewellery based process that addresses the mass of residual plastic within the environment and contribute to the creation of a collectively inspired Civic Necklace. To learn more about the workshop, please click here.

This workshop is free, and the next session is on Saturday 20 August from 1.30-3.30pm. Please call us on 9650 7775 if you'd like to attend.

All photos courtesy of Roseanne's blog Seeding the Cloud.

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