Wednesday 14 December 2011

500 methods for a new beginning:

Sid Cattaneo, Tuscan bedroom at sunset

There is something about a list that someone else has created for you to help you remember life's little gifts again. Finally there is some motivation to get up early one morning and not just see the sun rise, but actually wait for it to break over the distant hills. We all need a token muse one time or another and a project or two or five-hundred that promote a new beginning may just be what the doctor ordered. Next Wave presents Keynote Project. A website dedicated to short, simple innovative projects for you to involve yourself in.

Short-listed on our project plan are:
19. Make things from scratch - put it all together from the very start with your own hands, no shortcuts. Elysha Gould, QLD
36. Think of the happiest colour (it's clearly yellow). Paint everything that colour. Anne-Louise Sarks , VIC
55. Invite a stranger to play a board game and have a cup of tea with you. Thomas Tu, SA
119. Balloon Photography. Attach a digital camera with a timer trigger to a balloon on a length of string. Gain a new perspective! Dean Petersen , VIC

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