Saturday, 3 December 2011

Design Files Open House

You’re here, so you obviously enjoy the 21st Century ritual of blogging.  And right up there, at the top of the spectrum for blogging in Melbourne, sits the famous and well-respected Design Files. When it comes to sourcing creative bits, bobs and crafts, photographing the most idiosyncratic and quaint homes and interviewing the makers themselves, The Design Files are it. They have developed a little romance with The Project Agency, a match made in heaven and now, a stork has arrived to deliver their baby -  The Design Files Open House. It’s everything you could imagine from the pair and more. A home full of everything design, art and craft there is to pop in space. But what is it that makes this home just a tad bit better than all those other brilliant homes they feature? Everything in this one is for sale! They even have some specialties from dear friends of ours, Dawn Tan, Emily Green, Golden Ink, Harvest Textiles, Made by Mosey and Penelope Durston. So, as over the moon as you may be with this news, best be on your way back down to Earth, so you can bike, walk or tram on over to 40 Little Napier Street, Fitzroy. This Pop-up shall be inflated with colourful delight from 1 December until 4 December, 10am – 5pm. Once that bubble bursts, the online shop shall continue to float on until 18 December.

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