Saturday 24 December 2011

Hundreds and thousands Chrissy decorations

Christmas is sneaking up on us all with the smoothness and suaveness of an inspector gadget like character and to be frank, we’re not impressed. All those DIY Chrismas decoration projects are looking like they are going to have to be thrown out the window. So we thought, if we’re in this sticky situation, others quite possibly will be too. So onto that nifty little world wide web we hopped in the search for some quick and easy crafty decoration ideas to blow the fam and friends away and look what we have found... Christmas tree decorations filled with hundreds and thousands!! YUM with a capital Y, U and M! They are quick, easy and sure to brighten up everyone’s day whether their list to santa was fulfilled or not. Just make sure the kids don’t eat them (or the dog for that matter). Note to all: Matching nails aren't a necessity, but will definitely add to the overall effect significantly.

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