Saturday 7 January 2012

Blanche Tilden and the culture of jewellery.

Blanche Tilden
Last December, ABC Radio National featured an interview in their By Design program with renowned Melbourne Jeweller, Blanche Tilden. As a member of Craft Victoria and as a previous exhibitor here at our gallery, we have to admit to getting a little fuzzy inside when we heard her words. Blanche discusses the idea of her jewellery being synonymous with architecture and how and why that connection originated. She explores what it is about glass that mesmerises her, whilst discussing her love affair with mechanical materials, such as pulleys and cogs. With more than 12 years experience on her back now, you will find it difficult to come across a talent that has as much experience and knowledge of the art form. Pour yourself a cup of tea, set yourself up on the couch, pop computer to lap and head to ABC to listen to the full interview. A perfect outlet for a Saturday afternoon, we think.

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