Monday 9 January 2012

Lanz + Martin: designing for the creative world

Craft Cubed Festival, Craft Victoria, 2011
High Noon Festival, Northcote, 2011

Playful, thoughtful, innovative and tight- this is the design of Lanz + Martin. This Melbourne-based design studio has tackled some of the most creative festivals and projects in Australia, consistently delivering the goods. Not only are they authentic and continually pushing new ground, they are reliable and approachable with communication skills that strive in this industry. The reason we know this? Because they were the genius behind last years Craft Cubed Festival Design.

So as mates of ours, naturally we like to keep up to date with their happenings. To our pleasant surprise, as we were wandering the World Wide Web the other day, we were surprised and to be honest overwhelmed with joy when their new website jumped up in front of us. It’s clean, interactive and oodles of fun, as it showcases their portfolio with the presence it deserves.

You may even be more familiar with their work than you realise. Their polished vibrant illustrative work in Northcote’s High Noon Festival was eye-catching and youthful creating the carnival like atmosphere they had aimed for. Newcastle’s This is not art Festival called for a more organic touch, as subtle watercolour illustrations juxtaposed themselves against a strong grid of typographic content. Their connection to the earth, something we at Craft Vic are always keen to see, was evident in their work for non-for-profit organisation, Morel and Energy Foundation. Their dexterity in illustration shined through as the minimalist figures pop within the limited palette, allowing the witty concept to deliver with ease. Furthermore, Lanz + Martin explore the publication side of creating, designing the complete layout and cover for Australian writing journal, Harvest. The publication is subtle and considered with an intellectual feel that has a certain softness to it.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a design studio with a unique balance between colourful creative fun and tight clean effective design then we have done the hard work for you. All you have to do know is have a look through their body of work here and then follow with a tingle or some mail of the technological variety. We doubt you would end up being anything less than radically impressed.

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