Tuesday 12 September 2006

Hands on is on

Looks like there's overwhelming support to recommend the 'Hands On' exhibition. There's currently 75% in favour, and only 5% who would reject the application outright.

Lorna Gerard recommends on the basis that..

All creation comes through ours hands, only different techniques, materials and mediums are used to produce any art.

Jivan Astfalck takes the extreme position and recommends that the curator resign:

this place does not seem to be in tune with current thinking - in contemporary studio crafts, design or art for that matter. The fetishisation of technology came to a dead end by the point(mid.90s)when it was available in most higher education/research institutions (in the UK at least).

And an anonymous voice from the wilderness:

I am a curator of a contemporary art museum with a passionate interest in contemporary craft!

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