Wednesday 28 January 2009

Book of The Month: 'Zakka Sewing'

January's 'Book of the Month' is Zakka Sewing, authored by Therese Laskey & Chika Mori. A handy guide with clear and simple instructions on how to create a multitude of super-cute Zen craft projects (examples below!), Zakka Sewing is perfect for any budding crafty type with some time on their hands.

Squirrel tea cozy.

Bunny wallet.

Room shoes.

Clear instructions on how to create the little shoes.

The term 'zakka' is a Japanese word that literally means 'many things'. Zakka refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and outlook (well according to Wikipedia anyway!) For more on the subject, read this article.

Using buttons to signify the level of difficulty, Zakka Sewing contains 25 projects for the home that range from the simple (applique coasters) to complex (room slippers). What we love best about the book is the number of cozy-making instructions it has! A cozy for every occasion: your camera, teapot, mug, the list goes on! Beautifully printed and thoughtfully compiled by Therese Laskey & Chika Mori and photographed by Yoko Inoue, Zakka Sewing will make for many a happy crafternoon!

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Laura Di Francesco said...

Thanks fot your outstanding news, never enough of art.

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