Thursday 14 February 2008

W.E. McMillan Collection

Yesterday we posted about the gold and silversmithing exhibition, currently at RMIT's Project Space, and the floor talk held there.

Well, today we went to the floor talk, checked out the exhibition and we can categorically say that we really undersold it in our little post. It's a strong exhibition of a really vital collection for the craft and design sector. And, exciting for us here at CVHQ, the exhibition not only features work by Katherine Wheeler, but a whole bunch of ex-Fresh! winners and other Craft Victoria friends and luminaries.

We were quite proud to see works by 2007 Fresh! gals Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Karla Way; 2004 Fresh! winner and upcoming exhibitor Jessica Morrison; Well-known Melbourne designer and upcoming exhibitor Anna Davern; Revered jeweller and gallery owner Mari Funaki, not to mention a great list of works by local jewellers, designers and craftpeople, all having graduated from RMIT's Gold and Silversmithing course over the years.

Robert Baines, Studio Co-ordinator from RMIT, spoke fondly of the collection and highlighted the amazing depth of talented 'smiths that Victoria produces.

As a resource for craft and design students and practitioners, as well as those interested in the discipline, the exhibition of the collection is a fantastic measure of the history of Victorian gold and silver work and well worth a visit.

For more information about the exhibition and the floor talks, head to the Project Space website.

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