Monday 25 August 2008

Open Bench Residency: Bridget Bodenham

I create forms that are both natural and contemporary and explore the possibilities of arrangement through a collection of related forms.

The qualities of clay, naked and unglazed are what interests me most as an artist. Tone, texture and form are elements that I have been exploring in my sculptural and functional ware. High fired stoneware has the same surface qualities as rocks, stones and metal. I combine stoneware clays to build a palette of tones and textures that contrast with one another but are naturally connected. The uniqueness of my work us that it is mostly unglazed, instead being polished which gives a natural and earthy finish.

I enjoy the process of making above all. I use wheel and hand forming techniques I like to distort, cut, scrape, pierce and beat to sculpt my forms. It’s a very tactile and dynamic process. Working like this invites me to work in an inventive and playful way allowing me to find unexpected solutions to designing functional ware. My work has qualities that suggest a particular action and movement and can be adapted to different tasks with out their function being completely defined. For example my pestle and mortar is on the one hand a piece of sculpture, and on the other an effective grinder for spices.

- Bridget Bodenham

For the past week (hope you didn't miss it!) Bridget Bodenham, ceramics Fresh! 2006 finalist and COUNTER stockist has been occupying gallery 3 and making it her own personal work space and studio. This week come down and see Emma Greenwood, our final artist in this residency series. Emma will be in till Saturday 30 August from 11am to 3pm each day. See you there!

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