Friday, 19 September 2008

Crafty Smells 1

Last Saturday, CVHQ's shed became the site of Malte Wagenfield's Crafty Smells 1: the smells of craft and crafting. According to Malte, "The smell of craft materials and the materials used for crafting are explored in a confined space of the gallery where all other senses other than smell will be subdued. This installation explores the importance of materiality and the resultant rich sensorial information inherent in craft objects and crafting practice."

Bringing to the fore the sense that is often overshadowed by sight and touch when it comes to appreciating craft, visitors were led through the shed and invited to lift the lids of little wooden boxes and to have a sniff.

The leather thonging smelt divine!

The seashells curiously did not smell very much like the sea... Perhaps it was just the undiscerning nose of yours truly.

A silk sample.

Five samples were also placed in little flat cylindrical tins.

Smell you later! Hehehe...

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