Wednesday 24 September 2008

Crafty Smells 2

In Crafty Smells 2: outside in smells, Malta brought smells of the outside to the inside. The 'smelling ground' was moved from the shed to the wider space of the gallery and visitors were able to not only smell, but see what they were smelling!

The same wooden boxes were arranged on plinths under one of the many wide windows running along the gallery wall. Each box had a small Google map stuck to its lid with little red arrows locating where the smell samples came from.

Delicious lunch-y smells emanating from a box containing roasted pumpkin and lots of herbs, and another box with fresh coffee beans. Mmm!

Of course it would be too easy/boring to just pick out the yummy smells, so here we have yet another distinct 'outside' smell. Not so mmm!

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