Friday, 5 September 2008

Open Bench Residencies: The Finale

All this week and till Saturday tomorrow, do drop by and have a peek at the result of 3 weeks of happy labour by our artists-in-residence Julie Monro-Allison, Bridget Bodenham and Emma Greenwood. After completing their solo week-long residencies in Gallery 3, the ladies have combined their artistic practice and recreated studio spaces to form a single collaborative affair.

Emma's shoes. You can just make out Julie's little creatures sitting under the lamp!

Julie's wall. The tree 'trunks' are actually white leather gloves.

A detail shot of Bridget's porcelain chips.

But of course you didn't think we'd end on this now did you! Nay, wherever there is an art opening or closing you can be sure there is a bottle of wine hot on its heels. Join us along with Julie, Bridget and Emma for some Saturday afternoon socialising at 4pm. That's tomorrow folks. Till then!

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