Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Staff picks: The Bear Edition

We've mentioned before the uniqueness of each bear in Irene's Love Will Tear Us Apart installation, so naturally 'Staff Picks' had to make a comeback! Over the course of the exhibition, part of the veritable force behind CVHQ (ie. staff) had a good look over the installation, before reporting back to yours truly on their favourite bear.

Carmel's favourite was a neat little bear with a small burst of gold emerging from his (her? it's?) side.

Kim favoured the 'superhero' bear, likening his gold lustre to a swish and swanky cape that she wished she owned too.

Lucy's wee bear features a gentle spill of gold across its front and lap.

Nella's sleepy little bear is almost enveloped in gold, which has been fashioned in a manner that might cause one to liken it to some serious drooling action.

Sandy adored this cute bear who is seen here lovingly cuddling his small pocket of gold. Precious!

Steph's favourite got caught in a scuffle on the way here - hence the missing ear. This one's a tough one (like Steph).

And of course everyone's favourite - squashed bear. Even the dimensionally-challenged need loving too you know.

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